Baptism By Water, Fire & Spirit EP

Deviere - Baptism By Water, Fire & Spirit EP

Strong ep by American artist Deviere (Mathematics, Bio Rhythm) with a remix by Royer (Lobster Theremin). Water Drums,, a deep and spacey cut reminds a Joey-Anderson-esque imagery for a moody and introspective club experience. Strong yet subtle in the low end, this one is for the big sound systems. Royer’s Demi-Monde remix comes up as a more housy interpretation, mixing dubby inspirations with lo-fi aesthetics. Reminiscent of Kyle Hall’s early works on Moods and Grooves, Rising is an upfront dancefloor track suited for peak time euphoria. Speak Into Existence is probably the most accessible track of the EP, oscillating between acid-yet-warm feelings and solemn preacher-preachin’ vibes.

12inch Unlearn: NLRN-005 € 13,99