Linear Movement

On The Screen

Linear Movement - On The Screen

Looks like an unplayed copy. Linear Movement's 'On The Screen' LP, a collection of songs originally slated for release in 1983. Linear Movement is Belgian mastermind Peter Bonne (A Split-Second, Twilight Ritual, Autumn) joined by Peter Koutstaal, and Lieve Van Steerteghem on vocals. Some tracks appear on the exquisite Pulse Music cassette (released by the Micrart Group) while the rest are previously unreleased. Linear Movement was featured on V/A The Lost Tapes LP with their highly acclaimed The Game, described as an ''unstoppable pop song''. Due to so much interest in this song, we decided a full LP needed to be released and so we present it to you: hand-numbered, limited pressing on 180 gram vinyl, and accompanied by a large glossy postcard photograph of the band live. These songs are perfect for the dance floor and for home listening too!

LP Minimal Wave: MW013 (Mint) remind
LP Minimal Wave: MW013 remind
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