Cohelmec Ensemble

Hippotigris Zebra Zebra

Cohelmec Ensemble - Hippotigris Zebra Zebra

COH as in Jean Cohen (saxophones), EL as in Dominique Elbaz (piano) and MEC as in the brothers François and Jean-Louis Méchali (bass and drums) — joined by the American clarinettist and flautist Evan Chandlee for this debut album, originally released by Saravah in 1969. ''We wanted to avoid that kind of 'free' which is characterized by pounding drumming and a saxophonist freaking out in the high register, that type of music that kicks off suddenly then stops without us being able to sense the motivation. There is never any difference in intensity: nothing is destroyed, nothing is created, nothing is elaborated, nothing is questioned — when, even on the simple level of sound, there is so much that can be done.'' With French roots running back through the music of Jef Gilson, and pitched at the time somewhere between ESP and Actuel/BYG, with unmissable nods to the likes of Cecil Taylor, John Coltrane and Walt Dickerson, this is expert, exuberant music-making, searching out its own way. Ten tracks, even-handedly improvised and composed, beautifully played; intense and free-spirited but always engaging, attentive and communicative.

LP Souffle Continu: FFL019 € 27,99