Drvg Cvltvre

Nobody Cares Forever

Drvg Cvltvre - Nobody Cares Forever

A lot can be said about the stubborn and confrontational ways of prolific Dutch producer Drvg Cvltvre and his New York Haunted label, but one can never accuse him of taking the easy way out. Musically, his output of experimental electronics has swayed between heavy industrial techno and noise, composed music and slow, doomy and experimental house. On this new, full lenght album 'Nobody Cares Forever' he blends all of the above. From the orchestral hit, rave fueled opener to the melancholic synths of closing track 'All Of My Heroes' and everything in between is pure experimentation and decomposing of standard house, rave and techno elements. Now, here, in this #TrumpAge, you can feel his resistance to authority and the readiness to confront in every inch and fiber of this album...

CD New York Haunted: NYH100 remind