Second Storey

Telekinesis Via Fax

Second Storey - Telekinesis Via Fax

Bristol beat physicist Second Storey joins the fold of electro dystopians TRUST, and 'Telekinesis Via Fax' picks right up where recent releases for Houndstooth and his R&S collaboration with Appleblim, ALSO, left off. 'Attack Of The Modlings' has deceptively lush pads launch into an industrial grime furor that relentlessly underscores Second Storey's ambition to sonically innovate. Vienna's /DL/MS/, coming right off their recent TRUST debut, reassemble the bits into a subtly layered electro funk banger, before Second Storey steps back onto the plate with the eternally spiralling "Quantock Point To Point" and "Telekinesis Via Fax", the latter evoking memories of Robert Gordon's afro-futurist Black Knight project with hyperkinetic snares and free-wheeling synth licks.

EP Trust: Trust030 € 8,99