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Moon (Johannes Albert & Iron Curtis)

Industrie & Zartlichkeit

cover: Moon (Johannes Albert & Iron Curtis) - Industrie & Zartlichkeit

2*12“ LP + MP3 – Welcome to „Industrie & Zärtlichkeit“, the raw, quirky yet emotional debut album from Moon! Although the Berlin-based duo is revered for dancefloor bangers such as „Ze power”, Johannes Albert and Johannes Paluka (better known as Iron Curtis) have put much effort into making this album a true listening experience without sacrificing their roots in House Music. „Industrie & Zärtlichkeit“ (which translates into „Industry & Tenderness“) effortlessly achieves what is claimed in its title, namely a fusion of seemingly disparate elements: the rough and the smooth, dirty beats and soothing harmonies, bizarre sounds and comforting chords.

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