Explanatory Denial

Magas - Explanatory Denial

Explanatory Denial is the 7th record by Chicago-based electronic producer Jim Magas under his longtime MAGAS monicker. In the ‘90s, he fronted unconventional ‘no wave’-ish bands Couch and Lake Of Dracula. In the early 2000s, he recorded for material for Ersatz Audio and did a few remixes. In the Twenty-teens, he focused on instrumental productions for his own Midwich imprint and composing music for director Asia Argento’s 2014 film, Misunderstood. In early 2017, Magas premiered new material during a U.S. tour in support of band Joan of Arc. The limited-to-200 4-track spring 2017 12'' EP Explanatory Denial opens with ‘Shipping Container’, a rough, minimal stomper, offering plenty of bounce, but no padding or instructions.‘New Dawn’ opens the door to a brightly-lit and concrete alternate reality. ‘Sky Castles’ keeps bodies moving while synthesized strings whisper false reassurances of easy days and high pay. ‘Indelible Mark’ is an atmospheric lo-fi Casio lounge-funk spy groover that smells of Holiday Inn wood-paneling, dripping with Benson & Hedges Ultra-lite 100s. Deploying a variety of primitive electronic techniques, Explanatory Denial is a testament to the power of diligent synth-hunting and decades of basement refinement.

12inch Midwich: MW009 € 19,99