Sturm Und Drang / First Mover

Ekman - Sturm Und Drang / First Mover

Roel Dijcks, better known as Ekman, is no stranger to Shipwrec. Following his Heimwee EP and Synaptic Feedback Loops comes a two tracker of serious proportions. "Sturm un Drang" gets the ball rolling. A rasping beat cuts into thick bass. A pool of liquified notes shimmers as an isolated world unfolds, a tactile world of arcing strings and clean complexity. If "Sturm un Drang" is a glimpse into an alien realm, "First Mover" is surely the beast that inhabits it. Bulbous bars trudge through a swamp of static, distortion drips from cymbals leaving melodies buried in the marshland.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship051 € 9,99