Ish / John Tropea

Don't Stop / Living In The Jungle

Ish / John Tropea - Don't Stop / Living In The Jungle

2 classics on one 12'' single, gems excavated from the deepest realms of the TK Disco vaults.On side A we have former Foxy frontman Ishmael 'Ish' Ledesma with his sublime esoteric Disco cut from 1979 called 'Don't stop', a deep, late night diamond of a track that will appeal to the more left-field Disco lovers out there. 'Don't stop' has long been a favourite with the diggers with it's sweet vocals, synth heavy production and overall cosmic vibe. A beauty of a track indeed and one of TK's lesser known cuts. Side B sees fusion guitarist John Tropea's 1979 cosmic classic 'Living in the jungle', a long time spin of DJ's like Daniele Baldelli and DJ Harvey. Infusing Tropea's rock sensibilities with the throb of the Disco dance-floor the track is a low slung, midtempo groover that touches all the right spots. Overall, this essential double-header is a must have for all Disco heads and left-field DJ fiends.

12inch TK Disco: TKD13070 remind