Detromental - Move

Ahead of their 5th anniversary CPU announce 50th release with rebuilds of 2 rare bleep techno tracks from 1990 - in a one-off purple sleeve! Originally released on white label, 'Move' was written by Dean Marriott aka D.Ramirez and Lloyd Douglass and recorded in Sheffield in 1990. Only a small run were pressed which is reflected today by their high price on discogs. These rare white labels by Detromental became legendary in the Sheffield techno scene as CPU label boss Chris Smith recalls: ''they sounded like they should have been on Warp'', comparing them to the likes of Forgemasters, LFO and Nightmares on Wax. Last year Chris noticed the track 'Rewind' had been posted on a techno group on Facebook and Sheffield DJ Richard Hardcastle tagged Dean in the comments, knowing he was the original artist. Chris contacted Dean to ask if the master tapes still existed, unfortunately they were lost so Chris asked for permission to rebuild the tracks. Dean was sceptical at first as techno cover versions rarely work, but Chris's keen eye for detail saw faithful reproductions using many of the synthesizers used to make the originals. This project is a labour of love for Chris as these tracks were among his favourites from the era. Huge respect to Dean & Lloyd for writing them and graciously allowing this project to happen some 27 years after they were originally made. As with all tracks in the 'Yorkshire Bleep & Bass' genre; watch yer bass bins - I'm tellin' ya! Mixed & mastered at Computer Club Sheffield.

12inch Central Processing Unit: CPU00110001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L