Blue Maxx

Private Life Ep

Blue Maxx - Private Life Ep

DRIVE001 sees us step back to 1998 and into the hands of the duo of Damon Wild and Mederic Nebinger, recording together as Blue Maxx they quietly unleashed some of the finest futuristic widescreen Techno and Electro to emanate from NYC in the late 1990's. Utilising a small sub-label of Wild's seminal Techno imprint Synewave called Deja Vous the pair embarked on a slew of EP's released over the space of a couple of years with 'Private Life' being one of the last. Across 3 tracks 'Private Life' opens up a new sound world, from the driving, tool-like qualities of the A-Side cut - all swinging drum programming, synth stabs and deranged metallic percussions to the deeper, more clandestine leanings of the B-Side tracks, mining a more musical and Electro infused vein, the whole EP stands out as something truly original. A hallmark of the Blue Maxx sound. This is the first time 'Private Life' has been reissued, almost 20 years has passed and somehow Wild and Nebinger's style remains utterly fresh and contemporary.

12inch Midnight Drive: DRIVE001 remind