Electro-Soma + Electro-Soma II

B12 - Electro-Soma + Electro-Soma II

Warp unearth one of their earliest albums alongside a new piece of the puzzle that is B12's soundtrack of space Electro-Soma. Reaching even further out into the deepest recesses of the Artifical Intelligence universe, the Electro-Soma I + II Anthology collects some of B12's most cherished tracks and arranges them into a double album of archival material that sounds as otherworldly and compellingly timeless as when we first heard Electro-Soma back in 1993. Electro-Soma was compiled by Warp co-founder Rob Mitchell from a range of tracks produced under different aliases by the group, and originally released as the fourth entry in the Artificial Intelligence series alongside now-classic albums from Black Dog Productions, Polygon Window, Autechre, Speedy J & F.U.S.E. Arriving just under twenty-four years since its original inception, Electro-Soma returns offering us a timeless classic within the lineage of both Warp and UK electronic music as a whole.

2xCD Warp: WARPCD9R remind