DSC (Desert Sound Colony)

The Furnace

DSC (Desert Sound Colony) - The Furnace

After the success of their first release, DSC – Far Reaching/Too Hard, Holding Hands is back with their sophomore outing and as before it is taking no prisoners. Inspired by a Nicolas Lutz set as he warmed up Fabric for Villalobos a couple years back, the Furnace has a break beat that will push the subs of any club to the limit. With every build and drop it increases in momentum until you are left with no choice but to throw down on the dance floor with unbridled passion. The Furnace may be all about the big beat but it is no one trick pony. The tune has a depth and weirdness to it that will certainly keep you coming back for more…

12inch Hard Hands: Hhands002 € 9,49