Plaza Hotel

Bewegliche Ziele

Plaza Hotel - Bewegliche Ziele

Plaza Hotel was an early 80’s studio project by DAF co-found- ing member Wolfgang Spelmanns and his wife, singer Tabu (Claudia Sennlaub). The 12inch “Bewegliche Ziele” was pressed and privately distributed in 1983 and remains the band’s only release. Its two tracks are the result of two separate recording sessions. The first one was an experimental recording of Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit playing over synth drum percussions. During a second session in Berlin, Wolfgang’s synths and guitars and Tabu’s vocals were added to the rhythm tracks. “Bewegliche Ziele” is an irresistible mixture of driving mesmeric afro-influenced rhythms, the synth wave sound of the early 80s with dreamy pop vocals verging on dub.

12inch Notes On A Journey: NOAJ002 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L