Francis Inferno Orchestra

Veranda Culture

Francis Inferno Orchestra  - Veranda Culture

''Veranda Culture is the new project from Melbourne artist and DJ, Francis Inferno Orchestra The new album, his second full length LP, follows on from his most recent release, the club-ready “Oasis and Time”, The next step in James’ musical journey sees the producer shift-direction with the tranquil and beautiful Veranda Culture, balancing New Age ambience, percussive pulse rides and echoing synths for an album that unfurls with a calming patience and soothing confidence throughout. Recorded over a period of three years between Melbourne and London, FIO began making Veranda Culture after discovering the debut album of Greek-born, Sausalito-based composer Iasos – the New Age masterpiece ‘Inter-Dimensional Music’ LP — in Melbourne’s Liquorice Pie record store. The album is filled with quietly twitching rattles and bells, gurgling talking drums, and snippets of trickling water and bird songs collected through field recordings, creating a bed of sound that is hard to pin down but effortless to absorb as a whole. ''

LP Veranda Cultura: CULT001 remind