Acid Jesus

Flashbacks 1992-1998

Acid Jesus - Flashbacks 1992-1998

Acid Jesus, the first of many collabs between Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke. Situated in Germany's then blistering techno scene and especially a mirror of Frankfurt at the time (and it´s holy label trinity of Playhouse, Klang and Ongaku), Flashbacks are also a feedback loop to what was happening in the UK and the USA. Flügel and Wuttke succeeded with their own and unique take on it, that owned as much to Underground Resistance and the Belleville Three as it did to Sven Väth and Andrew Weatherall. Including 3 (+1 more on MP3) unreleased tracks!

3x12inch + Download Alter Ego Recordings: AERO030LP remind