Rhys Celeste


Rhys Celeste - Microlith

Beautiful album by the late Rhys Celeste aka Microlith. Label owner Alek Stark: ''The fatal weekend when Rhys lost his life I was mastering the tracks for his release in Fundamental Records. Rhys sent me the tracks only a few days before. He kept about forty untitled tracks for Fundamental Records and together we selected a perfect track list for the album. I was with all these melodies in my head all that weekend, I remember perfectly that feeling. Today I still have that special sensation that you can feel in all tracks composed by Rhys, something nostalgic with a big doses of happiness and hope in every note. When I was mastering his tracks I was like a young kid with a new record in my hands, each track is great, even the interludes are very special compositions.'' Limited Edition silk-screen printed sleeve.

2x12inch + 7inch Fundamental records: FUND016 remind