Void Ep

Ubx127 - Void Ep

Swedish artist UBX127 is back on Figure with what might just be his most accomplished release to date. Spanning an arc cross four diverse tracks, the story told is abstract yet full of imagination. Gently pulsating crystalline opener woid carefully sets a vast open scene, covered in gushes of interplanetary winds. First contact is made on A2, it’s electro-esque drive and spiky synths hinting at its alien origins. A taste of their mighty technology is given on Watch Out Below, booming with a propulsive punch and constantly swelling in intensity. Relief comes in form of Singularity, a beautiful, long-winding closer, on which soothing arps effortlessly outweigh their beaty counterparts. Having already proven his mastery of the machines with three stellar EPs for the label last year, this record further showcases UBX127’s special talent of crafting tunes that are as ripe with drama as they are ready for the floor.

12inch Figure: Figure091 remind