Narwal - Nirvana

Narwal is a band from the Netherlands, most active during the 80's. It consists of four members that were also active in two industrial groups (de Fabriek & Mekanik Kommando). So far the Nirvana volumes were only available on tape and in very limited quantities on the band De Fabriek’s own imprint, carefully dug out and compiled by Jeroen Vermandere, an enthusiastic mind in Dutch cassette culture and founder of the label Ongehoord. He tried to present what to him is the essence of this band and he succeeded in an impressive way. The listener immediately gets soaked into the mysterious sounds of ‘Nirvana’, in the deep sea synth-scapes sprinkled by beautiful vocals here and there, to very uplifting and almost enchanting music. Psychedelic, deep and quite ‘something else’, as was the bands intention when they formed this project. The release with exclusive design by Anton Westbom is limited to 300 copies and audiophile mastering by Brandenburg Mastering ensures a stunning listening experience.

LP Ongehoord: Ongehoord001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L