Deux O & Debut

EYE O  - Deux O & Debut

Electro Punk, Dark Wave on the new Public Release. EYE O is the convergence of a few Bay Area stalwarts—Kevin Woodruff, formerly of Tussle, and Jason Schwartz—and “Deux O & Debut'' is their first studio-recorded public offering. The five-track, fifty-minute- long LP is a weaving journey through a pastiche of styles that’re all nephews, cousins, brothers, sisters of one another. Kraut-rooted motorik drums reconfigure into more complicated math-y patterns; razor-sharp dance-punk guitars stretch out and dissolve into dubby post-rock atmospherics; synth loops you’d more commonly find in house tracks get grafted onto fuzzy psychedelic breakdowns; hard rock licks lock into chunky industrial grooves. Less for dancefloor destruction and more for trippy weekenders, the instrumental record manages to both be a focused, cerebral, conceptual hunk of fat to chew on and a spaced-out, intuitive ride through the cosmos.

EP Public Release Recordings: PR14 € 10,99