Arjen Schat


Arjen Schat - Spectrum

Arjen Schat is a synthesist and designer from the Netherlands, with works published around the world that illustrate his talent for a wide range of electronic music. Here, on Spectrum, his focus shifts back to one of his earliest influences: the Berlin school of sequencer-based synthesizer compositions. These pieces revolve around a carefully laid out groundwork, crafted by hand, one note at a time. Placed in such a way that melodies and harmonies emerge from the overlaid sequences, Spectrum produces an ever-shifting array of dreamlike sound that feels as if it never recurs, constantly in forward motion. Arjen is a true craftsman in his field, seemingly conjuring great galaxies of synaesthetic purpose from machines that more closely resemble the controls inside an aircraft cockpit. Indeed, if these operations are to be the vessel of our travels, then let us rest assured that Arjen Schat knows the way.

LP Tresor D argent: TD01 € 16,99