Nukubus - Para

Nukubus (AKA Jan Katsma - one half of Syncom Data) returns with his first full solo release in 3 years, 'Para’. The record is a collection of dubby synth cycles rumbling with restrained power and ever threatening to break into full acid eruptions. Somewhat disparate to the artist's more danceable tracks included in Dettmann's DJ Kicks comp or the SD inclusion Stingray's recent Kern mix, this latest collection are more reminiscent of stunted fever dream spin-outs, though not to say the incessant chug of Para 3 or wonky march of Para 2 wouldn't get bodies moving. Para is released on 12'' vinyl housed inside a sleeve with artwork designed by Parisian artist Thibault Proux.

12inch Laura Lies In: LLI004 € 12,99