Metabolism Remixes

Sigha - Metabolism Remixes

Sigha's lauded Metabolism album is further commended with a remix EP for Token 77. With three highly qualified label newcomers enlisted to the task of reimagining aspects of the album, the music is reworked into a new context to powerful effect. Wata Igarashi's flourishing recognition as a producer with striking competence and flair has marked him as a valuable affiliate on the record. He demonstrates different areas of focus with two new versions of Black Massing. The Daylight Breaks Remix opens up the high-end, expressing the delicate harmonics of the original with rushing upward arpeggios. The Dusk Falls Remix instead hones in on the deep and anticipatory nature of its foundation. Marco Shuttle's foreboding Morning Star remix feels skilfully subtractive, magnifying elements by adding space and drawing focus to its melodic asides. Function plays with the contemplative nature of Down in his version, adding dynamic percussion and energy while retaining its expression and depth.

12inch Token: Token077 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L