In Absentia: Tome 2

Shlomo - In Absentia: Tome 2

Shlomo takes a step away from his own Taapion Records to return to Delsin for his second full EP for the label. The Parisian producer serves up two of his modern techno jams, a lush ambient piece plus a slamming rework by Tommy Four Seven. Up first is In Absentia: Tome 2, a follow up track to his last EP on the label. It is another cold techno cut with turbulent drums down low and icy, slithering hi hats up top all backed by synths that light up the track from behind with a heavenly glow. Tbilisian Cure is a more abrasive affair with blistered synth lines and scurrying electronics running through the fast and brutal drums. Lali then flips the script and offers an ambient excursion with watery synths forming celestial puddles in the sky. It's a zoned out soundtrack that's the perfect comedown. Finishing off the EP, 47 label boss Tommy Four Seven flips this one into a weightless techno groove that rocks back and forth on the drums as sweeping chords leave you feeling suspended in mid air. Plenty of ground is covered in this one, and all with equally compelling results.

12inch Delsin: DSR/C12 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L