Onirico / Man-D.A

Tribal Echo (Unreleased Mix) / Not A Dream

Onirico / Man-D.A - Tribal Echo (Unreleased Mix) / Not A Dream

Flash Forward is proud to release another beautiful gem from the italian producer Emanuele Luzzi, who shined in ''Stolen Moments'' and ''A Tone Colour Of Onirico'' as Onirico and Oneiric. For the first time after 26 years, Flash Forward is been issuing the alternate take version of a 1991 UMM gem by Onirico, ''Tribal Echo'', a hypnotic-tribal-surreal tone recorded live into the DAT tape, a new terrific version of one of Onirico most exciting tracks. Listening to it, you could enter some kind of trip through the darkness, a very emotional journey in which imagine the sunset rhythm fighting with flashing shadows, the neverending battle between good and evil. Let's start the voyage! As in the first issue, the other side is produced by Man-D.A. , ''Not A Dream'' was also conceived many years ago but only today is released after being revised, modified and remastered!

12inch Flash Forward: FFORUS002 € 13,99