EP 4

RX-101 - EP 4

Suction Records presents the 4th and final volume of RX­101’s “EP” series of vinyl releases, showcasing a selection of standout cuts from Dutch producer Erik Jong’s vast archive of previously­ unreleased techno, IDM, acid, and electro, recorded to cassette from 1997­1999. Roland’s cover-­star instruments, the SH­101 and Juno­ 106, play a prominent role in EP 4’s sound ­ a playful mix of joyous, sometimes haunting synthesizer melodies, and raw, crunchy percussion. From the early­ Squarepusher melodies of opener Themis, to the eerie Boards of Canada­ like nostalgia of Transmission, EP 4 delivers 6 tracks of classic late­ 90s electronix, with RX­101 affirming himself as an unheralded master in the Rephlex/Warp/Skam domain.Limited to 500 copies,

12inch Suction: Suction041 remind