Siassia & Tokobina

Siassia & Tokobina EP

Siassia & Tokobina - Siassia & Tokobina EP

A new label from Hugo Mendez, co-founder of Sofrito! A series dedicated to cross-cultural experimentation, kicking off with this exhilarating dive into the African underground of 1980s Paris: a four-track EP from Congolese singer Albert Siassia, backed by a group of young French dreads, rechristened Tokobina — “let’s dance,” in Lingala — for the occasion. A mixture of post-punk, rumba, afro-disco and reggae, in two dancefloor sureshots reviving their sole 12” from back in the day, plus previously unreleased fire from the same session.

12inch Nouvelle Ambiance: Ambiance001 € 12,99