Pekka Airaksinen

Love And Addiction

Pekka Airaksinen - Love And Addiction

Composed in 1978 and released over a decade later under the name McDullan. It finds Airaksinen exploring the themes of sex and drugs, but omitting rock’n’roll altogether (although the title would have you think otherwise). The music here is cold and harsh, like listening to two dinosaur computers conversing or Perrey And Kingsley on a bad acid trip. If you enjoyed Airaksinen’s Vitamins, this is the closest thing he has done aesthetically (both were composed roughly at the same time). Interesting to hear the difference between the ”drug” songs (Good News From Columbia doesn’t leave much to the imagination) and the three ”sex” songs, all entitled Eros. Whereas the former are much more hyperactiv and cold, the latter are much warmer (but not cliche) and even include saxophone. The first Eros has this great drone in the background which gives the track this off-kilter vibe.

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