AUX 88

AuxBox Collection Box BLU RAY EDITION

AUX 88 - AuxBox Collection Box BLU RAY EDITION

An all-inclusive, hand crafted, collector’s box, created By Brian Dubois of (2:37am studios) and Arnold Steiner in association with AUX88. This Collectors box was conceived from sketches and conversations between the members while planning the Aux 88 portrait of an electronic Band documentary. Product Details Info OVER 9.2 HOURS OF FOOTAGE 1 Blu Ray Disc 1 the origins and early Aux88 beginnings 2 Blu Ray Disc 2 artist worldwide give their opinions of the group 3 Blu Ray Disc 3 behind the scenes / Bonus Features 4 Soundtrack Cd Disc 4 Soundtrack CD The Book “An Altered Road”. A 104 page autobiography book written By Anthony “BlakTony” Horton, The book exposes the micro-details of each member of the group, and gives insight into their humble beginnings from Detroit. And the movement the group created in reviving electro music. The AUX88 Watch: Comfortable wrist band, stylish and is designed for durability and fashion. AUX88 chose this watch to carry their logo with style and prestige.

3xBluRay+CD+Book+Watch Direct beat: DBAuxBox remind