Rian Treanor

Contraposition Ep

Rian Treanor - Contraposition Ep

Originally active in 2003-2004 as an abstract dance-oriented offshoot of Warp, Arcola relaunches (just shy of its 15th birthday) as a ltd 12 imprint that uses the format to explore the spaces where contemporary electronic music meets 'club music' in 2018 and beyond. Rian Treanor has long been a staple of our listening habits since his game-changing sides for The Death Of Rave. Having kept quiet on the release front since the summer of 2016, he sparks off the seventh Arcola with the Contraposition EP. Showing a darker side to his sound than previous releases, Contraposition's four entries mix subzero tones with a serious techno sensibility. Effortlessly rewiring the twilight sound of UK Garage, Eski rhythms at their most skeletal, and a serotonin-soaked Reinforced style sensibility.

EP Arcola: Arc007 remind