Worldwide Epidemic

Diamond Life 02

Worldwide Epidemic - Diamond Life 02

New Zealand's most prolific J-tek enthusiast Dan Silk aka Worldwide Epidemic returns to the Myor camp, this time for a solo release on the Diamond Life sublabel. On 'Aroha' he finds himself exploring territory slightly removed from his usual 4x4 Jungle Techno habitat. Extended pads, techy synth stabs, sugar coated diva vocals and spot of Amen choppage courtesy of label boss Coco Bryce make for a top notch 7 minute atmospheric D&B junglist excursion. 'Enterprise' offers everything one might have come to expect from Mr. Silk: his signature offbeat break programming layered with a 4x4 kick drum, instantly recognizable synth melodies and a healthy dose of pads. Hardcore in its most gentle form.

12inch Diamond Life: PEARL02 remind