Yaleesa Hall

Daisy Barbara Harriet

Yaleesa Hall - Daisy Barbara Harriet

The second outing from Yaleesa Hall in this two-piece EP series on Will & Ink. The 13th release on the label packs a visceral punch across four fresh tracks that are perfect for dance floor deployment. First track Daisy Wright kicks off with minimal but impactful drum rhythms that eventually get cut up with tumbling sirens, hammering hits and blasts of dirty noise. It's hugely physical stuff, while follow up Barbara Adams is more stripped back and mysterious. Icy hi hats tick, howling synths sound bring a sadness and the depth of stern field as sounds play out above, below and all around you is truly standout. Harriet Brown then sinks into a deeper electro groove with spangled bass, before a VIP MIX then slows things down to a dread fuelled dub wise swagger that eventually breaks out into oscillating, stuttering rave madness.

12inch Will & Ink: Wnk013 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L