Ortmek 01

Ortmek - Ortmek 01

Recommened1 3 expansive edits of Turkish funk and psychedelia, each dubbed out through tape delays and spring reverbs, as well as carefully EQ-ed and mastered for an enhanced sonic experience. Side A kicks off with the low slung funk of 'Aycicegi', featuring an infectious bassline which weaves between subtle flashes of spring reverb, whispered vocals, each underpinned by pounding drums. Side B begins with 'Biz Burdayiz' , a relentless drum loop and singular vocal hit looped around and manipulated with tape delays, and the record closes with 'Gunesi Kesin', a tense funk break which builds before reversing inside of itself. Hand stamped vinyl only.

12inch Various UK Re-edits: Ortmek01 € 10,99