Brian Kage & Omar S

Thru the Madness EP

Brian Kage & Omar S - Thru the Madness EP

Detroit producers Omar S & Brian Kage team up to bring you 'Thru the Madness EP.' 'Thru the Madness' has all the elements of a classic dance music collaboration. The tune showcases Omar S raw and funky analog bass playing and drum programming combined with Brian Kage signature warm melodic synth lines and chord structures. The clever use of a catchy 90’s vocal sample helps solidify and unify the composition. 'Thru the Madness (Honk & Nik Mix)' takes a deeper approach by adding a deep Detroit-style DX pad, Nile Rodger-esque funk guitars parts, and vintage drum breaks that will keep the party moving into the late night hours.

12inch Michigander: MM-003 remind