Kaukolampi - 1

This album is one long track broken up into five titles. Across that runs an eerie dystopian presence driven by pulsating synths and distant beats, whilst stylistically traversing across cosmic disco, techno and dense cinematic ambience with the starting point Kaukolampi’s own radio show. “Initially this album had a lot more beats on it but every Sunday evening I’d play music with no beats: drone, ambient, experimental and noise. This made me change the concept and I discarded the beats for half of the record.” It leaves space for contrast, for discordance and harmony, for gentle and loud, for the tender and the rough. This, explains Kaukolampi, is because he feels one can’t exist without the other. “This album also has that hard violent noise that is more typical for me but I don’t think noise can ever work if it does not have beauty.” Comes in a beautiful tip-on sleeve. Limited to 500 copies.

LP Svart Records: SVART126 € 19,99