Tsuyoshi Ogawa

Seven Samurai 001

Tsuyoshi Ogawa - Seven Samurai 001

Tokyo based DJ/Producer Tsuyoshi Ogawa presents ''Seven Samurai''. This vinyl-only label has been founded in 2018 and it is operating in Tokyo, Japan. It pays tribute to the Japanese legendary movie director “Akira Kurosawa”. Therefore, the name of the label comes from his film “Seven Samurai” and the tracks on the vinyl have been recorded using sound effects from the original movie's scenes. “Seven Samurai 001” is the memorable first EP produced by Tsuyoshi Ogawa. The 1st track, “Seven Samurai”, was recorded using the voice sample from the movie ''Seven Samurai” by Akira Kurosawa: “Everything’s riding on this battle!”, which brings us a sign of the start of the samurai battle. Here, the 2nd track “Shadow Enemy“, expresses the fear and tension of invisible enemies, whereas the 3rd track “Kannon Soleil” leads to the end of the battle by Buddha who comes from the sky. This EP is dedicated to Kurosawa as a new spiritual soundtrack for Seven Samurai.

12inch Seven Samurai: SS001Z € 12,49