Generation Next


Generation Next - Phoenix

Generation Next returns with his 6th solo EP on the 7 Days Entertainment label titled Phoenix. The EP opens with the song Sundance Kid, a tune that carries a high-spirited synth and bass throughout mixed in with a simple kick drum, high hat and snare combo. Next up on side A is Roseland, a cool, smooth house track from GN. A funky baseline accompanied with a warm piano, some complimentary synth and a clean rhythmic drum kit pattern. On the flip side, the first track is Jungle [10.10.15]. The recording used at the opening is from a voicemail received on the date 10/10/15. This track is pure memorization. The voice of a woman over a frantic high hat pattern and knocking kick drums. The last song of this 4 song EP is Gold Scorpion. A simple dance tune with high- energy percussion, piano, and kick drum. This dance floor mover will definitely be a favorite.

12inch 7 Days Ent: 7daysGN1006 € 13,99