Concepts of Higher Dimension

Trancedence  - Concepts of Higher Dimension

Ron Allen's label with another worthy re-issue. Strobe gave us that deep, emotive machine-funk that exemplified the early to mid 90's sound. 'Concepts Of Higher Dimension' came out in 1991 remarkably, and it still sounds fresh today, produced by Ron Allen under his Transcendence pseudonym and featuring 3 stellar tracks of bass-heavy warehouse jams. 'Frenzy' opens proceedings and with a title like that you'd expect some sort of drum machine beatdown, instead we're treated to a super smoothed-out deep house cut that oozes blissed out synth pads & pan-pipe like flourishes. A true early hours gem. 'Luv 'N' Happiness (Chapter 1)' is next, stepping up the energy levels a little and utilising a well known Disco vocal sample to maximum effect. This one's a definite nod to Chicago but done in Ron Allen's signature style. Essential. Finishing off the EP is 'Magique Noir' a tough, bleeps and bassline monster that sounds like it could have dropped in Sheffield at the tail end of the late 80's, absolutely monstrous. This jam will test your speakers no end. Remastered with original artwork. Recommended!!

12inch Strobe: STR003 € 10,99