Ninja Scroll

RNXRX - Ninja Scroll

25 years later, the legend of Drexciya still lives on, and a clear example is this new EP by the young RNXRX. While the title of the second song is directly "DRXCYAN", the first few seconds of each track are enough to show the inspiration in James Stinson and Gerald Donald: pure electro with aquatic sounds, tension and deep distorted voices, a dystopian futuristic narrative to the rhythm of magnetic techno bass. This 12 '' contains 4 original tracks supplemented by a Black Merlin remix (cleaner and deeper) that would not disappoint at all in the sets of Helena Hauff or of the DJ Stingray himself. An impressive covering letter from MUSA, new series of Struments that is going to focus on local talent.

12inch Struments: Musa001 remind