Rory's Theme / Puffer Jackets

Breaka - Rory's Theme / Puffer Jackets

The fourth release is a big one for Holding Hands as they branch out into brand new territory with their first new signing on the label. Breaka usually runs in very different circles, producing footwork, juke and DnB from his home in Leeds. These are the first tunes of his at a slower tempo to be released but you can certainly hear those in6luences loud and clear in these certified UK 125-130bpm bangers. Rory’s Theme has the tension of an early Metalheadz release but when it drops it makes the hair stand on the back of your neck. Puffer Jackets sits bang in the middle of several difference genres and influences. For the B2 Holding Hands head honcho Desert Sound Colony steps in for remix duties of Puffer Jackets. Slightly slowed and dubbed out. All three tracks are produced and sculpted for the club.

12inch Holding Hands: Hhands004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L