Opgang 2

De Chirico

Opgang 2 - De Chirico

Unearthed 1997 techno grail from Hamilton, Ontario. Remastered from the original recordings this 12'', created by David Foster of Teste (''The Wipe''), lays down 4 burrowing and bouncing warehouse bombs that are at once psychedelic, frayed, and way ahead of their time. A taste of the forthcoming Geej re-issue project surveying the Steel City Records catalogue, a wellspring of unsung, singular dance music that arose from the abandoned industrial spaces and uncompromising producers of the fertile but secluded techno zone of Hamilton, Ontario Canada circa 1995-1997. First time pressed in over 20 years, vinyl only.

12inch Geej: GJ009 € 11,99
12inch Steel City Records: SCR111 remind