Garcon Taupe

Kiklop EP

Garcon Taupe - Kiklop EP

Eight years after releasing his renowned Narrominded Split LP with Legowelt, Garcon Taupe returned with acid drenched EP 'The White Spider' that came out on Enfant Terrible sublabel Gooiland Elektro in 2007. It sold out at the head quarters within three months and is now followed up with 'Kiklop EP' through his home base Narrominded. Kiklop EP follows the tracks of the Split LP with it's typical mix of electro beats, eighties synths and acid. The B side offers some serious dance floor material with Dok, followed by the slower and dirtier title track. The record will appeal to fans of DMX Krew, Ceephax Acid Crew and the Westcoast Sound of Holland. Mastered by Ma Spaventi.

12inch Narrominded: NM077 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L