Botanic House Vol. II

Monstera Deliciosa

Botanic House Vol. II  - Monstera Deliciosa

A1- O.Xander with Paaliaq provides a subtle and analog house track. Percussive drums, 4 to the floor kick, slow acid bass-line, shy and hypnotic notes create a perfect club track . A2 - Dome Zero by Sunn Boo is a melancholic and hypnotic house track. The subtle but really deep bass-line perfects the track. B1 - Maintain Illusions by the Paris based producer Raär, is a journey to the unknown. Harsh acid line, bumpy and jerky kicks, brillant hi-hats and hammering snare make you stagger. B2 - Engaging Proxima-b by the Berlin based artist Ahi is spatial track. No drums, only pads, textures and fx to make you dive into an oppressive, heavy but beautiful journey.

12inch House Plants Records: HPRV002 € 10,99