Rain Text


Rain Text - 2

United under the guise of Rain Text are well-known Italian producers Giuseppe Ielasi and Giovanni Marco Civitenga, who you may better know for his output as My Dry Wet Mess. The project first came to life in 2016 with a debut instalment on Civitenga’s own imprint Skyapnea, soberly-titled ‘1‘, now followed by its longed-for second outing ‘2‘, coming out mid-April on Bedouin Records’ polyamorous sister label Bastakiya Tapes. From pensive ambient opener ‘2.1‘ to the carefully crafted dub techno of 2.3 this collaboration shines as much through its silences as it excels in the creation of a genuinely captivating atmosphere out of a very limited battery of elements. Deep, acute and penetrating, a masterly EP.

12inch Bastakiya Tapes: BAS004 € 13,99