Bumi Uthiri

Uwalmassa - Bumi Uthiri

Uwalmassa is a sonic exploration project initiated by DIVISI62 – a sound and visual arts label based in Jakarta, Indonesia that examines the Indonesian identity issue within a global context. The thought process behind their debut album ’Bumi Uthiri’ is to provide an alternative study on Javanese gamelan composition and to experiment with its known and unknown structures. It is a deconstructed interpretation of a musical tradition that aims to stretch boundaries, but nevertheless, adhere to its core essence. All of the tracks in the album were composed out of the live recordings that were done using a single condenser mic. The results were then assembled using digital signal processing and audio manipulation. The tracks ‘Untitled 01’ and ‘Untitled 02’ were first released in September 2016 as a digital-only format.

12inch DIVISI62 / Linear Perspective: LP001/D62-06 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L