Rasmus Hedlund

Intet Efter Allt

Rasmus Hedlund - Intet Efter Allt

Ljudverket celebrates the tenth release of the imprint with music by Rasmus Hedlund. Intet Efter Allt is the result of new explorations in the field of ambient, dub and techno. Crossing borders with electro and other genres, the tracks are still sonically faithful to the sound of Ljudverket - highly organic synthesis accompanied by field recordings. The record starts off like a journey through nature. The thunder and rain of Bas Emfas shifts to blue skies above shimmering water with Luminös Klang. Continuing on the flip side with the cerebral jam Konflux Sekvens, the EP ends in the deep emotions of Sonisk Morgonsyn, to finish the trip.

12inch Ljudverket: LJUD010 € 11,99