David Vunk

Omega Strap EP

David Vunk - Omega Strap EP

David Vunk is on the roll as a dj but also he lives the true spirt studio life in his atomic bunker downtown Rotterdam city. His newest work is a 12 inch on his own imprint sublabel Moustache techno series called "Omega Strap EP". The A1 track "Shadow police" is a pumping TR-808 distorted beat with oldskool 90-ies acid and with a dark obscure men voice in it, underground feel. A2 "Pillensmoel" is a pumping electro techno track with acidfunk, crashing snare drums and a dutch porn female voice live recording. B1 track is titled "Come to the house" a funky acid track with paranoid girl shout, some classic house samples and flanged hi hats. The last track is called "No winners no losers" techno with a rolling bassline, a machine kickdrum topped with deep synths. Picture sleeve design by meinhard, mastered by Rude 66, cutted by uncle Lex. Don't play this if you are under 18.

12inch Moustache: MTECHS008 remind