Oscar Huang / Rhyhthm Phazer

VPR 7-2

Oscar Huang / Rhyhthm Phazer - VPR 7-2

VPR 7-2 is a vinyl debut for two new artists, a pair of sunny house tracks to accompany warm weather. On the A side, hailing from LA now based in NYC, Oscar debuted his first release on Sweat Equity NYC. Oscar has a show on Terry Radio co-founded with Elisabeth Dalton. On the flip is ‘Light Fog’ Rhythm Phazer, the sonic union of husband and wife duo Vandi and Heidy P. Originally from Canada now based in Portugal, Rhythm Phazer share residencies on Radio Quantica and at Desterro.

7inch + MP3 Vanity Press: VPR07-2 € 12,99