Marquis Hawkes

The Marquis Of Hawkes

Marquis Hawkes - The Marquis Of Hawkes

New Album By Berlin based electronic mainstay Marquis Hawkes. Opening with the beat-less droning ambience of ‘Beton Theme’, the album takes in a variety of themes from across the house music spectrum, from the deep and dubby meditation of ‘Instrument Of Thought’ to the body jerking rhythms and retro bass stabs of ‘Tough Love’, the introspective mood of ‘The Matrix’, to the soulful New Jersey styled House grooves with a contemporary twist of ‘Sunset’, building through the optimistic joyousness of ‘Hope In Our Hearts’ before closing with Lidell’s heartfelt and passionate emotional overload on ‘We Should Be Free’.

2LP Houndstooth: HTH100 remind