Thomas P. Heckmann

Acid Seduction 4

Thomas P. Heckmann - Acid Seduction 4

On Acid Seduction 4 Thomas delivers no less than 5 tunes from bangin to trippy Acid in his trademark analogue style. Acidicted is the real Acid-Banger and is already played by some insiders and now finally revealed on a special multi coloured Acid-Vinyl for DJs and collectors alike. This track already made a lot of Ravers scream and the fat bassdrum is kickin' butt for real ! Followed by the dynamic Thunder Man, A Certain Age (remastered and slowed from the original AGE track Darkhold), the trippy and mental The Deep and rounded up by the TR-808 banger 808 2 !

12inch Afu ltd: AFUltd069 remind